Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend thoughts 1

I fell asleep as soon as Nathan had the third out on Saturday.
Sunday was one of those beautiful MN days that makes you remember the reasons other than the Twins that you live here. Had to do some playing/working in the yard, grilled brats for supper and barely kept up with the game on the radio.

1. Man does Hee Sop Choi have the Twins' number. 6 HR in three days. Doubling his HRs for the season. And I thought we had to worry about Jeff Kent... Glad we only have to play him one series every 4 years (on average). Choi particularly owned Radke, slugging 3.000 yesterday, and that's bases per pitch. Giving him and IBB each at bat probably would have given us a sweep.

2. At least I know know why Gardy put TJ Mulholland in on Friday night, TJ apparently can get Hee Sop Choi to strikeout, when he's not letting him hit GW homers. I guess Mulholland is now our LOOGY (Lefty One-Out GuY). I never pay any attention to Hitting or Throwing Right or Left because it just seems too much for my head. I could give you the first two digits of just about anyone's batting average or ERA on the team, but what hands they use confounds me unless it's drilled into my head (Lefties: Mauer, Morneau, Santana, Aaron Fultz, Terry Mulholland; Righties: probably everyone else). Dang, one of the things that made me proud of the Twins is that they bucked convention and didn't have a LOOGY after Fultz fell apart last year.

3. The Dodgers seem to be a damned good club right now, with the fans they deserve. I got confused during the AZ series when cheering would come from Twins getting the plays. No confusion in LA.

4. I did not like Gardy's decision to let Bradke bat in the 6th yesterday (2 outs, runners on second and third), especially after he pulled Silva after 6 the night before with a lead. But if it weren't for Jeff Kent's heroics when Choi lost the ball in the sun, it would have worked out. Also, turns out Silva's knee (the one with the torn meniscus) was feeling funny.

5. I like JC Romero's new haircut/beard combination. Looks real sharp.

Gotta go catch my bus. More thoughts tonight, I think.


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