Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Weekend thoughts 2

6. I'm a little bummed that Rice lost to Tulane in College baseball, I caught their game 2 meltdown to Tulane on ESPN on Sunday, and just fell in love with thier unis. White with Black calligraphic "Rice" and Black hats with a while calligraphy R. That's it. Stark and beautiful. If NWA (the rappers, not the airline) had been college baseball fans instead of NFL fans, Rice would have fit the look the same the Raiders did.

7. If the Braves hadn't lost when wearing those bright red alternates they wore on Sunday, something was wrong with the Baseball Gods.

8. Q: Do the Twins miss anyone less than Luis Rivas? Good to hear they're gonna give him a rehab assignment. Make it a looonnnggg one, fellas. If we demoted him, would he be claimed off waivers? (A: Maybe Cristian Guzman.)

9. I heartily agree with commentor SLW (thanks!) that road team rules should apply for interleague games. I would love to see Santana at bat at home (he's good at it). I'm sure Clevelanders would flock to see Carsten Sabathia hit (he's better at it).

9.1 Side Thought: Why isn't CC Seabass in the NL? His batting skills are totally being wasted. He could bat as long as possible when pitching and probably be a decent PH on other days. I know, CC's batting is only a small sample size, but he'd definitely be hitting 8th on the Nats - In front of Guzzie.

10. Re: Nationals. Nice to see what kind of an impact fans can make to a team. I remember the Twins' series in Montreal last year. I think the max attendance was 4,000. It felt like they were playing in Siberia. Or maybe Moose Jaw. And they played like they deserved to be in Siberia. Now it feels like they are a bona fide major league team. And lo! they play like it. Sure, there are other things, but playing for no one must feel like crap.

11. Sunday afternoon, I also caught a bit of the Rochester Redwings at Richmond Braves game broadcast on FSN. I saw Corky Miller get a hit! Now, I know that had happened before, but just because it says so in his stats line doesn't mean that I have to believe it, but now I saw and believed. Keep reaching for that talent-based callup Corky!

12. What did Afleet Alex do to not win the Kent. Derby? He seemed to run twice as fast as all the other horses on the closing stretch in both the Preakness and Belmont.

I think I need to edit my thoughts and focus, or at least connect my ideas. Else I'll ramble too much.

PS. Thanks to all who have read and commented so far.


Blogger frightwig said...

The interesting thing about Alex's run in the Kentucky Derby was that he had the lead coming down the homestretch, but actually was outkicked--badly--by Giacomo. After seeing the way Alex finished the other two races, you'd hardly believe it was the same horse.

I also like that lettering style on the Rice unis. Sweet.

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