Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Scioscia and cheating

1. Last night, the Angels'* skipper Mike Scioscia got into a hissy fit because relief pitcher Brendan Donnelly was ejected for pine tar on his glove. In defense of his pitcher, he said: "Pine tar is accepted practice for pitchers. Pine tar is not doctoring the ball; it's just giving you a normal grip for guys who sweat a lot if it's cold."

Yet, when the other teams pitchers are cheating, he gives them no benefit of the doubt: "If Juan Rincon comes back and pitches 11 days from now, are the effects of steroids going to deteriorate to where his talent is back to his God-given level? No. He'll have the benefit of whatever steroids he took. I guarantee you, in 10 days, Juan Rincon does not become a mere mortal. I think he'll still be throwing the ball pretty good with the enhanced chemicals." (Source.)

Now, I realize that it's one's prerogative to assume the best about your team and the worst about the others, but Scioscia's just a bit too loud about it

*The only team in MLB to wear their nickname on their road jerseys.

2. Jesse Crain got his 6th win last night against a depleted Giants team that kept us tied through 10. I was a bit afraid that the Souhan curse might get to him. Juan Castro has been 0/11 since Souhan gave him a full-article shout-out. Crain had a profile on Tuesday, but luckily LaVelle wrote it, and the Twins scored right after Crain pitched.

3. Sanatana pitched allright, too, I guess, it's just that 3R in 8 IP with 7K and 2BB feels like a merely OK night for him. We're spoiled here in MN.

4. Is LaTroy the kind of player who gets booed (Chuck Knoblauch, AJ Pierzynski) or cheered (Doug Mientkiewicz, AJ Pierzynski, Corey Koskie) on his return? Or will we not see him at all (like Eddie Guardado last year)?


Blogger frightwig said...

I believe the Orioles still wear their nickname on the front of their road jerseys, too. I agree about Scioscia. After what he said about Rincon, he's now defending pine tar on the ball?

I predict Hawkins will be booed if he enters a game in Minnesota. First of all, because he complained about not getting a contract extension during his final season here, and then he could hardly wait to go sign with the Cubs. Secondly, he's had a lot of vaguely bad publicity since failing as the Cubs closer, and a certain element of the dome crowd will boo just to pile on.

3:31 PM  
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