Monday, August 01, 2005

Who to root for?

1. With all the suck that this team has been producing, we're still only 4 out with 10 games left against the WC leader. Thank you every other team for having your own periods of suck also. Is there a possibility this team could turn it around and make up the difference? I doubt it. I don't feel it, but we've got some players that if they ever figure out what they did at one point in the last two years, we could at least be fun. How about a WC run even if we just miss it in the last weekend rather than in the first week of August?

2. When did this season fall apart? June 10, the first game against the Dodgers, the first of our three lost series against the NL West. Anything else happen on June 10? That's right, the whole damned thing is my fault. This series agains the A's is important, so I will stop posting today, August 1, at 11:00 am. If the Twins keep losing through the 7th, I'll come back, but if the Twins start winning in my absense, I'll go away until they aren't playing meaningful games anymore. I'll still post comments on others sites, though.

Baseball Gods Note: amr is no longer a blogger but a former blogger as of 11:00 am CST on August 1, 2005. You can let the Twins be good again.

3. Say the Twins do continue the crashing and burning, who do I root for? BOS and NYY is like rooting for Goliath over David. CWS is like rooting for the guy who stole your girl to have a long happy life with her. OAK or ANA (excuse me, LAA) or STL? Yawn. Anyone in the NL West? No, they suck and they started the Twins' reeling. Which leaves me with: ATL, WAS, FLA, and HOU. I'm thinking ATL because I kindof like them and I can see most of their games on TV and they're who I wish the Twins were (35 consecutive titles, not including the strike year, but including 15 "rebuilding" years, including 2004 and 2005). WAS is also a leading candidate just because of Frank Robinson's "choking" gesture when Luis Rivas hit that foul "HR" in the olympic dome in 2004. I loved him from that point on.


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