Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Out of first.

1. I'm trying hard to be positive, trying hard to find things to write that are original.

2. I haven't watched an A's game this season since they've been good. How are they doing it? Who do we have to will injury onto? Do we have a chance? Dammit though, if it wasn't going to be the Twins for the WC, I was really hoping it would be the Cleveland Hafners.

3. Seems like the Tigers have some of that luck with callups that the Twins have had the past few:

3a. When I heard Chris Shelton's name announced during the Twins' June series against the Tigers, and didn't know who he was, I figured he must be a big-stick call-up. And he is. OPS of 1.002 as of today. Detroit's Morneau?

3b. Curtis Granderson's first game this season was Friday. In his 17 at-bats, he has 6 hits for 16 bases and one BB. He's 0-3 against non-Twins though.

4. I watched the second half of Saturday Night's game with C. When Magglio Ordonez came up in the 9th she said "That boy's name is Alice." She saw a similarity with her book "Alice the Fairy." I think I see it, too. Do You?


Blogger frightwig said...

I think Chris Shelton kinda resembles Alice the Fairy. Compare the facial expressions!

2:35 PM  

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