Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Third place

1. Why didn't Carlos Silva pitch the 1oth last night? 85 pitches? Please. He could have pitched into the 12th if necessary. Certainly could have shown the whole team what a professional looks like: "I'm pitching til we win the game, dammit."

2 I thought Bret Boone's bunt in the 9th last night was pretty. A pop bunt into no-man's land where the pitcher covering first had to pass the first baseman fielding the ball. Three bodies touching first at the same time and none held the ball.

3. I seriously did not figure this team to have so much problems batting. Position by position we should have been better, or at least not much worse. Morneau is an improvement over Mientkiewicz. Mauer/Redmond over Blanco/Bowen/Borders. Bartlett/Castro/Punto/whoever over Guzman. Tiffee over Offerman. Cuddy not much worse than Koskie. Rivas would obviously not start the whole season unless would could affor that luxury. Outfield/DH intact. Is the collective suck-hole that the offense is in represent a slump or likely continued.

4. The Twins are out of first in the Wild-Card race for the first time since early in the season (I think so: not worth checking). I have no idea if we can ever win again. Part of me wants to start selling for next year, and part of me wants to see if we can grab the bottled lightning that previous WC teams have. I can't tell how much I'm decieving myself. I mean, are we 3-8 for out last 11 or are we still only a half-game out of the playoffs? Is it a trend or a setback? Do we suck or are we just sucking?

5. The Twins are even infecting other sports. Last night, Cat Osterman and the US National Softball team lost the world cup championship to Japan. I didn't know the US team could lose more than one game a year. Jennie Finch saved the loss for Osterman by taking a 1-run defecit in the 7th and making it a 2-run deficit.


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