Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bret's Mugshot

Here it is:


Blogger frightwig said...

For fun, I'd like to see teams put up player driver's license photos in place of the regular mug shots sometime, like maybe on April Fool's Day.

AMR, did you see the Uni Watch column at ESPN today?

I think this passage might particularly interest you:

"Most fans don't realize this, but when Pirates GM Branch Rickey introduced helmets in 1953, he envisioned them replacing caps altogether: He coated the fiberglass lids with wool flocking to simulate the look of a cloth cap and had his players wear them in the field -- even pitchers. That experiment was short-lived, as players went back to wearing caps in the field and helmets were relegated to the batter's box (occasional exceptions like Dick Allen and John Olerud notwithstanding). But the flocked helmet, with its fuzzy, matte finish, became something of a Pirates trademark for a while, and occasionally showed up outside of Pittsburgh too."

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