Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy Birthday, C!

1. Today, (7/8), my little girl, "C" turns 2 years old. Maybe I'll let her stay up late to watch one of her peers (Greinke) pitch to the Twins tonight. (Yeah, I know that Greinke age jokes are last year.)

2. The break can't come soon enough. I hoped that this would be the year of no June Swoon for the Twins, but that didn't happen, so maybe my belief that similar Post-break resurgences can't be counted on will be false, too.

3. Keep telling yourself: "Still in first in the AL WC race." 1 game over Cleveland. But now we're 11 whole games behind ChiSox.

4. No more letting the Royals get big leads, OK team? I mean, a lot of these pitchers should have been promoted, but to AAA. It feels unsporting to hope that Gobble gets smacked around or Woods gives up 6 in the 9th.

5. At the end of the year, when we look at Jose Lima's record and see 2-17, remember that one of those 2 is from us. (The other is from beating his old team the Dodgers. He wasn't happy in the offseason when they didn't pursue him. After all, he had the team's only postseason win in several decades or something.)

6. Justin Morneau had a double in the 6th, a pop to shallow left that just hit the foul line, but Morneau thought the ball was foul, and didn't run soon enough, so he only got a single. It just looked really stupid, and this is when the team was only down one run.

7. And of course the deciding runs come off the bat of John Buck, who is batting .440/.462/.640 against the Twins and .198/.240/.308 against everyone else. But this is the only win he participated in over the Twins. Either he was due to revert to the mean or to help his team win against the Twins. He got the better due (for him).


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Happy Birthday to the little one!

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