Sunday, July 03, 2005

No TV makes AMR go crazy.

1. So it's a holiday weekend, and what do we have for TV? Twins? Not televised (even on a gimmicky hat day). Braves? On the ESPN night game. Cubs? on WGN, but I can't find it on my in-laws' cable system. Am I going to have to enjoy the beautiful day and go to the beach or something? Perhaps.

2. Caught a little bit of a USA softball game on ESPN (1 or 2) yesterday. Official Softball Player of AMR, Cat Osterman, pitching against the Autralian National team. She was lights out, but when I picked up the game in the 2nd, the score was 4-0 USA. Not nearly as exciting as when her team is struggling to score runs and she has to keep the other team from scoring and she makes the game fair by giving them a few runners every other inning. (She's her own Crain all game long.) I went back to the Fox game of the day. USA won 8-0 or something. The saddest thing? Australia is the closest thing team USA has to a competitor. Good thing Cat has one year left to pitch for an otherwise merely good Texas team. Go Cat!

3. The Mets lost yesterday, and the crucial play was Jose Offerman's inability to recieve a double-play and leave the game tied. I think I saw that coming when he was promoted to start as 1B. He's a pinch-hitter/DH type and any fielding gaffes are the manager/GM's fault for puting him in the field at all.

4. Against my prediction, Bartolo Colon and the LA Angels of Anaheim beat Jose Lima and the KC Royals of Kaufman.


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