Monday, June 27, 2005

Back in First!

1. With the O's loss to the dreaded New York Yanquis of the Bronx and our Joe M (v 1.0)'s 8 inning win over the most esteemed Kansas City Royals of Missouri, the Twins are percentage points ahead of the O's for first place for the AL Wild card, despite all our June Swoons. The Cleveland Indians of Jacobs are one game back. Nice tight race, although I doubt things will end that close. (But both wests came down to the final weekend last year).

Y'know, the most important thing for baseball fans isn't winning the division, or league, or the World Series, the thing is to have a decent sized chance to do that. After the Twins' years in the Wilderness, we're in our fifth straight year of being competitive. And for that, we should be thankful.

The best part of playing in October? More games.

2. I hadn't noticed when Jimmy Gobble returned from AAA Omaha, but now he's in the bullpen?
3. Grienke had his best outing (6IP, 2 ER, 4H) of the last month and a half and still lost. Back to the curse of no run support for him, instead of the curse of throwing batting practice.

4. John Buck is hitting .471 (8 for 17) against the Twins, and .200 against the rest of the league.

5. (Non-baseball) Been listening to a side project of Animal Collective called Jane. Album "Berzerker." Three 20-minute ambient-ish tracks (and one shorter one). Not dub, but closer to dub than anything else. Sounds kindof like Seefeel without the claustrophobia. The sounds used remind me of Seefeel, and there's a part that sounds like Sonic Youth's "Madonna, Sean and Me" caught in an echo chamber.

6. (Non-baseball) This last week has just been really frustrating for me. It feels like things are falling to pieces all around me.
Dehumidifier in the basement. (dead. $150 replacement)
Cordless Phone (battery replaced for $15)
Backup utility car. (dead. replacement/repair out of budget)
CD player at work. (not reading most of my CDs, I will live with it)
Window-Unit AC. (luckily back to working)
Twins. (9 game behind White Sox)
Okay, so it's not that bad, but things just seem to keep piling up.

7. (Non-baseball) We'll see if this works:
C at the game on 6/21/05. "Bloggers Night."


Blogger amr said...

Holy crap! Blogger hosts the whole file! I can use photos and pics as I blog now! I'm still keeping the Kubota though, at least for the time being.

11:51 AM  
Blogger SBG said...

AMR - last year, I wrote that I'd give up a playoff run or two for regular seasons that were more competitive. I suggested that the Twins would be better off in the NL Central, playing better teams. I still feel that way. I want to see some exciting games with something at stake. My disgust lately hasn't been the Twins position, but how they've got there... by losing to teams they should crush. If they can right the ship here and compete for the Wild Card (or maybe even the Division) it just might be the best summer of baseball in Minnesota since the awakening of 2001.

10:28 AM  
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