Saturday, June 25, 2005

Back to April

1. Tonight's game seemed less like our recent futility and more like the games we lost in April, where we just couldn't get the runners in. I guess that's a positive sign. I do feel less stressed than I did wednesday night, but maybe that's just Silva's outing soothing me into complacency.

2. The Twins deserved to lose anyways. They wore their (nameless) BP jerseys. On the road. During interleague. At least this should quash any future attempts to change fortunes by using the same "lucky," unusual garb for repeated games. Save that for when you really need it. You don't go around guaranteeing wins for every game, and you don't try to use "charms" until they're dead. Especially when four of those lucky runs came after a 3rd out strikeout. Silva said after his CG, "I'm not superstitious. I can use any jersey. It doesn't matter to me."

3. Guerrier relieved Romero in the 8th, with the bases loaded. This is would typically be when we see Crain work his magic, but he had been used for the 6th (why not Romero there?). Guerrier hits the first batter in the arm (not that the batter tried to get out of the way), letting one Romero's baserunners score. It was a one-run game at the time, but it made me think: Does the bullpen try to get even with one another? See how JC likes his runners to score? Did the other pitchers put Shaggy G up to it? G then got the next batter to GIDP. I was real surprised to see Guerrier and not Nathan in that place, though, screw saving the closer for a save situation, Shaggy is just not the guy I trust in that spot. (Though that could be what Gardy's working towards: let's test our bullpen before 12th inning of a playoff game in Yanqui Stadium.)

4. Twins' Relief pitchers Runners inherited-runners scored, 2005:
Nathan 0-0
Rincon 10-1
Crain 17-3
Guerrier 4-1
Mulholland 14-4
Romero 19-7
Interesting to see that Nathan has yet to put out a fire.

5. Turnbow's look impresses me. He may be a bright man, but he looks like he could be an idiot-savant, like a mythical appalachian man-child that scouts find that can pitch 110 or something like that. His Great Clips surfer/Redneck haircut really adds to it, as does his chinlessness. I hope that's not mean, I really do love the look.

6. Rivas Watch. Rivas played two innings of SS as a defensive substitution, but was hit for by Luis R. (2.0) in the 9th.


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