Thursday, June 16, 2005

No Hawk

1. What an ugly f'ing loss. No comments. I prefer not to curse. Gratefully, it was not televised (which I was complaining about when it was 4-0 and Mays has retired three on four pitches).

2. Rincon blew Guerrier's win.

3. Rivas is off the DL, switching places with Abernathy. No rehab stint, which I hoped could help Luis R (V 1.0).

4. Seven run lead in the 9th. Why the hell did Felipe Alou not put LaTroy Hawkins in? It's a f'ing homecoming, damnit.

5. AL Central in June:
Royals 10-4
Cleveland 9-5
White Sox 8-5
Twins 8-6
Tigers 8-6
The Royals are my non-home team to root for (at least this year). If the Twins ever do get contracted, they're my allegiance (couldn't cheer for Milwaukee or the Cubs). Glad to see they're turning it around after an awful start.


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