Thursday, June 16, 2005

Loshe Lhoses

1. I was thinking that Lohse had turned the corner, but he seems to have regressed a bit over the last two games. Since he's been skipped in the rotation, he's hasn't had that much of a meltdown inning and has given up 3 or fewer runs in 6 innings or more, but then he gave up 3 in the 4th against Arizona, and now 4 in the first against San Fransisco (3 Earned)*. It looked ugly. But it was like Radke with singles and a HBP and a double. From there it was 6.0 IP, 6H, 1ER, 5K, 0 freebies (BB, HBP, Balks)

1a. *Which run wasn't earned? Was it based on Mauer's passed ball?

2. I can't help but think some of those first inning hits were due to the nonstandard defensive positions, with Williams at third and Cuddy at second. I think Cuddy would have had one of those hits past third, and maybe Luis R. (2.0) would have had another up the middle, but I might be confusing innings.

3. Still no Hawkins. Last chance tonight, Felipe. No excuses at all (okay, only if Tomko has a CG SO going).

4. Jose Lima got a win!

5. Looking at the details of the Nationals' road uniforms, I really shouldn't like them. The white on the road hat's "W" seems to contrast with the grey of the road unis, and the font on the unis is so different from the "W" on the hat. But looking from a distance, they just strike my eye as one of the best, do not look like a new uni at all. I really like the dark blue as the only color on greys, with just a little red stitching here and there. No one else does that, although it should be an obvious choice. San Diego and the Brewers get close, but both have too much straw instead of either red or grey. Whoever came up with thesen avoided all those trendy things that look so bad: sleevelessness, weird colors, black, excessive piping or pinstriping. They're just plain greys with navy as the color and red as the accent. Hopefully, the redesign that will inevitably come in 10 years or so will make them a bit more consistent, and make the home unis blue too.

5a. Washington's Road Cap is great, Navy, white W with a red border. Second best cap in the Majors! (#1 is Twin's home TC).

6. Frightwig corrected me, Baltimore has "Orioles" on their road jerseys. Are they ashamed of Baltimore?


Blogger frightwig said...

The O's removed "Baltimore" from their road jerseys because they hoped fans in DC would accept them as their own team, too, like the Angels hope to be accepted in Los Angeles.

I also like the Nats hats, particularly the road blue, but I'm still not sold on the jersey lettering. Too big and blocky for me. I'd prefer a script to match the 'W' on the cap.

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