Saturday, June 18, 2005

(Eat At) Dennys

1. I missed the first 9 1/2 innings, but boy was I happy to see Dennys Reyes enter the game in the 11th. We ate him up bad one game when he pitched for the Royals last year, and he's just as tasty this year. Can the White Sox trade for him?

2. Happy to see that Silva's pitching into the 8th again, but troubled to see TJ Mulholland is pitching in the 9th inning of tie games. But hey, he faced four batters, three lefties, and got all the lefties out. Maybe there is something to that "playing the averages" thing that Mr. Burns spoke of when deciding to pinch hit Homer for Darryl Strawberry.

3. Rivas is hitting .333 since coming off the DL. Are there any other Luis R's in the majors or AAA? Let's trade for them. I want one game where the whole infield is Luis Rs.

4. Can anyone tell me why Williams's game-winning hit wasn't fielded? It didn't seem to be unusual, but I just couldn't get a decent look from the one TV replay.

5. Morneau as wearing a red undershirt, as JC did frequently last season. I didn't notice anyone else with a red undershirt, but I only watched 6 outs and a game-winning run.

6. I sure hope Mark Buerhle is never traded to the Yankees. I believe his powers come from his "beard" and having to shave that would render him as useless as Loaiza was without his goatee, and probably as silly-looking.


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