Monday, June 20, 2005


1. The Twins have lost 3 series in a row, and 7 of their last ten games, the first time they've been worse than 5-5 in the last ten all season. No long winning streaks, but no losing periods. Until now, which must qualify as our first slump. I'm sure this is our traditional pre-all-star-break slump. Now, we're back to pitchers that Toriii can't say he hasn't seen before (although that hasn't really been a problem for him so much).

2. Johan walks more than he K's? Crain gives up a run? Clearly, the slump poison goes all the way through the club.

3. I sure hope this is the extent of our slump. I'm considering attending 3 of our next six, so I want to see some winning, or at least not slump-continuing losing.

4. The three games I am thinking of going to:
a. Tuesday at blogger's night. Thinking of bringing C to her first baseball game. Will have to leave early to get C to bed. Working on possible logistics.
b. Thursday with a group of about 20 from work. Jason Johnson vs. Carlos Silva.
c. Next Week Wednesday: Royals day game. Carrasco vs. Radke. If I can get enough stuff done at work.

5. My first game since moving to the Twin Cities was in August 2001, the Monday day game of a four-day weekend series against the Royals. Chuck Knoblauch did not play. The Twins first loss of a 15-game or so losing streak that put them out of contention. I figured it was my fault. I finally got to another game last year. Radke beat the newly Mientkiewicz-ed Red Sox, so it turns out it wasn't my fault after all.

6. Luis R (1.0) is hitting .222 since coming off the DL, including hitting .286 at second base.


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