Saturday, June 18, 2005


At the beginning of the season, I had these playoffs predictions (which I only told to a coworker).
AL Central: Twins (5.5 games behind White Sox)
AL West: Texas (1.5 gb Angels)
AL East: Yankees (5 gb Orioles)
AL Wildcard: Cleveland (3 gb Twins)

NL Central: Cardinals (7.5 games ahead of Cubs)
NL West: Padres (1.5 ga Diamondbacks)
NL East: Atlanta (4 gb Nationals)
NL Wildcard: Florida (3 gb Phillies)

Not looking too bad yet, especially with Kenny Rogers pitching the best he ever has in Texas this year, and Cleveland finally figuring it out. I don't mind if the Yankees make my predictions wrong, or if the Nats do. So far, it looks reasonable, barring a secong-half meltdown like the Brewers had last year.


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