Saturday, June 25, 2005

Goat of the Day

I've decided to take this feature that batgirl dropped and run with it. If she wants it back, it's hers for the taking back. In her first mention of it, she said the Goat of the Day is "the person, entity, or concept that most contributes to a Twins loss." I think I'll soon try to go back on the whole season and pick these out.

Batgirl also mentioned the rarely-used "Eddie," which I had forgotten about. The Eddie is "given to the person, entity, or concept that performs in such a soul-shaking manner as to drain the joy from an otherwise splendid Twins victory." I'll try to do those as well, when necessary, but not retroactively. Read her whole post for further exposition.

Matthew LeCroy has a few skills. He can hit for power and because of it, he draws walks. He cannot field, and he definitely cannot run. Tonight, he pinch-hit for the pitcher in the 7th. He did his job and drew a walk. He should then immediately have been pinch-run for. He was not, possibly because he was in the pitcher's spot, and Gardy didn't want to use an infielder, so he could use one later. The next at-bat, Shannon Stewart hits a double and Matthew Lecroy holds at 3rd because he is, uhm, "not fast." Two batters later, Mauer grounds to third and LeCroy is left on third. To make matters worse, Gardy pulls a double-switch with Rivas replacing LeCroy as SS. Rivas is fast. (The double-switch was for all of two positions in the batting order.)

When Ford pinch-hit for Castro, or when he got on base, it should have been clear to Gardy that the double-switch was coming, but even then he did not get someone to run for LeCroy. That wouldn't have made a difference, but at least it would have shown that Gardy "got it."

Then, even Rivas is pinch-hit for by the other Luis in the 9th. So even if Rivas running for LeCroy would have not allowed a double-switch, the difference would be haing Luis R. as SS for two innings instead of Luis R.

If LeCroy's pinch-runner scores, its a one-run game, Torii's HR ties it, and Guerrier probably doesn't come in to hit a batter. Totally different game, and we have a chance to win. Therefore, because you did not pinch-run for LeCroy, Ron Gardenhire, you are the first of AMR's GODs.

[Note, I had first written this, but changed my mind on further contemplation: Tonight, Brad Radke only gave up one homerun and one earned run. That's pretty good, so he's not our goat. Many men were on base and that is where they stayed, although they often made it to scoring position before their side was retired. For two outs with runners in scoring position, including the third out with the bases loaded in the 7th and none yet in, I crown Joe Mauer the first G.O.D. from AMR. (Although a lot of batters were candidates.) ]

PS. I want a better name for this. Hopefully, something that abbreviates to U.G.O.D., drawing parallels to the lest impressive member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Any suggestions?


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