Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blogger Night

1a. I shouldn't have gone to tonight's game. I brought the bad vibe. C and I were in the car to the Dome, and we were stuck behind a SimonDelivers truck. The ad on the back was for frosted flakes and related Tony the Tiger cereal products. Tony the Tiger was shown there twice. I should have turned around and saved the Twins the game, but I already had my ticket, and C was looking forward to it.

1b. If the Twins lose Thursday's game (which I am also going to), I'm going to think long and hard about whether I should go to next Wednesday's game.

1c. Maybe I wore the wrong shirt. The one I wore (green Sonic Youth) was there for the win when I went last summer vs. the Red Sox. Maybe it had only one win in it.

1d. Maybe I'm more of a TV-watching baseball fan anyways. When watching TV, you can know whether to complain on a bad call. And you're less likely to jinx the team, being further away. And beer is cheaper.

2a. Nice to meet you... Aaron, Skorch, SBG, frightwig, Twinsgeek, Icebox. One thing about me is that I cannot talk to celebrities. I try too hard to not be an idiot. Well, Aaron and SBG and frightwig and Twinsgeek are a bit of celebrities for me, and SBG and frightwig are people that write something I aspire to. I didn't want to be the dork that works himself into the cool kids' conversation and proves that he is a dork surrounded by cool kids. That's why I probably said more to Skorch than everyone else combined, he's not a celebrity to me. All that, and I had to make cure C was happy and visible. [Not that anyone was being a "cool kid" to me, everyone was nice.]

2b. PS. Congrats to Skorch and Twinsgeek for getting to sit in the owner's box. looking forward to hearing what you heard from Carl. There's no one I would rather see have a personal audience with Carl than Twinsgeek.

3a. C loved her first baseball game. Even though she fell down some concrete Metrodome steps head-first (just like Nick Punto would), she didn't want to leave, saying "I'm Okay" and "I'm awake!" I don't think she realizes that teams are competing. "Just exhibition, like the home-run derby," I bet she thinks. Her "Hit the ball man" was the reason for Shannon's double in the 4th. Unfortunately, she kept saying "You're out!" most of the night.

3b. Seeing her face full of wonder when the starting lineups were announced was just great. Christmas look in summer.

3c. I had to lie and tell her that the game was over when they sang "Take me out to the ballgame." I felt that leaving in the 7th gave the Twins 3 innings to get things straight without me messing up thier mojo. Plus, leaving just as Lee Greenwood started singing seemed appropriate. They should use that when the Twins win, not in the 7th, as the Twins' equivalent of the Yankees' "New York, New York" or the Phillies' "Streets of Philadelphia."

4. I need to give up on rooting for the new Kyle Lohse to stick with us. He's gone. Old Kyle is the only Kyle. This severly disappoints me. I thought when he got out of the first scoreless, that he had done it, that he was all the Kyle he could be, but alas, he's just all the Kyle he ever was.

5a. How is Luis R (1.0) better than Luis R (2.0)? At the very least go with the hot hand and keep playing Rodriguez.

5b. Luis R (1.0) is batting .250 since returning from the DL, but .300 at 2B. He still doesn't have a hit for extra bases on the season. Tonight in the 6th, he had a great-looking hit just fair down the first base line. I thought "this is it, a double from Luis R (1.0)!" but no, he stopped at first. Probably wisely, because it was fielded quickly, I think. My eyes were fixed on Luis R's running. Or walking. I assume he's now saving the first extra-base hit for a really special occasion. Like when you're in a new relationship, but you've waited too long to say "I love you" and you can't just say it anymore because that would be a let down. No, Luis is saving it for extra innings, probably when he's a defensive replacement and there's no one left on the bench, the bases will be loaded, the team will be down three and there will be one out and Luis will hit a homerun. Because a two-out double in an already decided game will just be too little, too late. If it was that easy, why did you wait so long for it?

6. Guerrier is definitely our mop-up man now. He goes in to keep the game respectable. (1 ER, 2.1 IP). Mulholland could go in and give the Twins a better chance to get back in by shutting the door, but he could also make the game embarrasing, giving up another 5.

7. I really believed that we could avoid the June slump this year. Guess not. We'll have to come back with those "best after the break" runs. Wish the break was next week.

8. Confidential to "TB." When you're a club looking for your first winning season, you've tagged Randy Johnson for 7 ER in 3 IP, and you've got a 10-2 lead in the 5th, don't let the other team outscore you 18-1 the rest of the way. And never let them score 13 in one inning. The demoralization from this game alone just put your program back one year.


Blogger frightwig said...

I'm glad I got to meet you at the game. I liked your shirt and thought your daughter was adorable. It's just too bad the Tigers had their Ace matched against our Not Ace. Better luck on Thursday. Do you have any shirts associated with General Mills cereals?

Keep the faith.

5:35 PM  
Blogger amr said...

No shirts advertising food of any kind, although E has a "Spam" t-shirt from before that was post-ironic.

12:20 AM  

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