Sunday, June 26, 2005

Goat of Day: 6/25/05

There were plenty of candidates today:

Johan Santana for taking a three-run lead before he even pitched and wasting it. He's the Ace and he can't do that. Plus, he didn't get a hit. Headed for an "Eddie" had we pulled the game out.

Jesse Crain for the first time he's allowed more than one inherited runner to score and giving up his first home run and his first blown save (he lost the lead). Also looking for an Eddie. Crain should be like our trump card, our "Get out of a Jam Free" card, but apparently, he's not perfect.

Torii Hunter for only hitting 2 HR. Just kidding.

But the winner of the AMR's G.O.D. is Luis Rivas. Here was his chance in the 8th to hit the extra-base hit he's been waiting for all season, at a time that it would make all the difference in the world, and keep him in the lineup for a long time unreasonably, but he just struck out.


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