Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Win is a Win

1. I guess I'm not going to the game. Boss is on "vacation" at home, but had to come in for a few things. And he's back in tomorrow.

2. I had dinner at a friend's house last night and we watched into the bottom of the 4th, and we left with the score 5-3. After C's bath, I turn on the game and it's 8-7 KC. What the hell happened? I guess Silva was off, threw only 62 pitches in 5 IP and then TJ Mulholland "blew" a "save" in the 6th.

3. Two of Silva's first three ER were scored on double plays. Dear Carlos: Thank you for saving your top form for the better team with the better pitchers (DET) and doing a little sucking against the Royals, where we've got a good chance to come back. JC Romero and Juan Rincon each got a "hold" for 2 pitches. Bert Blyleven: "I should have been a reliever!"

4. Jesse Crain got his 7th "win" of the season and is back to being the "Get out of Jam free" card for Gardy. Plus, his ERA is back under 1.00.

5. Junstin Morneau was a defensive replacement for Matthew LeCroy as soon as KC had used up all thier lefties, and once got to hit, he put the first pitch in the right field upper deck for an insurance run. Good defensive replacement! Yeah, he saved a bunch of outs in the 8th, too.

5. Question: is what KC does good for pitchers or bad? They've got AA and AAA guys in their early 20s pitching against major leaguers. Does this give help by giving them more experience or blow their confidence and their arms? Sisco looks like he's not far from ready, but Leo Nunez should probably be ripping up AA teams. Some of these guys just look sympathetic, you don't want to score too many against them. Maybe that's their advantage.

6. John Buck, 2-4 last night, now hitting .474 against the Twins and .200 against the rest of the majors. And after seeing him catch so many guys that started the year in the minors, I started to have strong respect for the guy. I wonder how many pitches he's caught all year, and how that compares to the average in the majors. Dang, he's not playing today.

7. Rivas watch: After a 2-2 night, Rivas is hitting .368 since coming off the DL. I don't have the memory to remember what it is at 2B vs SS. Still no extra base hits.


Blogger amr said...

Just checked the Royals' bio stats.
Leo Nunez is listed at 6-1, 160 lbs.
The dude might blow away in a strong wind.

12:36 PM  

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