Saturday, July 02, 2005

Forfeiting the DH

1. Last night, Gardy forfeited the DH by having Abernathy run for LeCroy, and then replace in for Rivas at 2B. I think we were all surprised that the earth didn't open up and swallow the team whole. Had Gardy known this worked earlier in the season, we might not have needed to carry 3 1/2 catchers out the gate. (Not that I think this would have kept Restovich, I think Tiffee would have had the last roster spot.)

2. Crain had his second "blown save (Type: non-closer)," and second homerun given up. The team took that as the signal to score runs, getting him his eighth win on the season. Crain is now 11-0 to start his career, an AL Record (not sure if the record includes starters or just relievers). Yes, i know that wins are a hollow stat, for relievers especially, but that's what makes it fun to watch them.

3. Rivas watch: Luis R (1.0) is batting .320 since returning from the DL. Still no extra base hits. Note: Luis R (2.0) is batting .250/.323/.393 over the same stretch.

4. In 2004, the Twins faced Frank Robinson and the future Nationals in their temporary home, Siberia Stadium of Montreal. During one of these games, Luis Rivas hit a "home run" that replays showed was probably a foot foul. Now this was in the 11th inning or so, and Frank Robinson was rightfully pissed off and argued for about ten minutes, probably directly asking the ump to eject him. He kept putting his hands around his next in the international symbol for "I'm Choking." (International symbols being necessary in Montreal.) He left the dugout for the clubhouse before the next batter was done. To this day, I think only the ump and Frank himself really know whether or not he was ejected (I never saw the ump signal the ejection). It could be that Frank sent himself to the showers.

I bring up this story because last night, Frank Robinson complained about a Jeromy Burnitz "home run" that was about 20 feet foul (but way out of the park, so it was harder to judge) and would have had the Cubs tie the game in the 8th. But the home plate ump agreed with Frank Robinson, and the runner was put back on first, and Burnitz came back out of the dugout, and the lead was preserved. Frank Robinson has apparently become much more convincing to the umps once he stopped having to speak French to them. Way to go, Mr. Robinson!

5. On the other side of the Manager's Feud, Mike Scioscia got the first Royal batter of the night out yesterday by pointing out that they were batting out of order. David DeJesus lead off the game with a single but Angel Berroa was called out, and DeJesus had to bat again. Apparently, Buddy Bell handed in a lineup card that was different than what he had written down in the dugout. Not sure whose name was announced in the stadium. The real question should be why Angel Berroa, the Luis Rivas of KC, would be batting leadoff on any lineup card.

6. Look at tonight's Royals-Angels matchup. Bartolo Colon (10-4, 3.02) vs. Jose Lima (1-6, 7.81). Such a mismatch, I predict Lima's gonna get win #2.


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