Friday, July 01, 2005

Off-Day Thoughts

1. Couldn't bear to blog more about Wednesday's game. I wish Jose Lima had been in the rotation for this series, because he's fulfilling a very special request from a young fan.

2. With Cleveland's win over Baltimore yesterday, we're back in first place for the AL Wildcard (trying to keep my optimism) with Baltimore percentage points back and Cleveland a half game. Boston is 2.5 games ahead of the wildcard, and Los Angeles of Anaheim is 4 games ahead.

3. As bad as Twins fans feel about their team, think how Balitmore's fans feel. That team actually had first place and lost it.

4. I've never heard Travis Hafner speak, but I hope he sounds like Vin Diesel.

5. I watched a little bit of the Lynx at Sun WNBA game last night and here are my thoughts:

5a. Man, are those Lynx road unis ugly. What's that color called? "Slightly minty kelly green"? "Astroturf"? "Australian National Team"?

5b. Lindsay Whalen is turning out to be a much better pro than I thought she would. I thought the Lynx needed her for ticket sales, and that Connecticut basically had to call their bluff when the Lynx wouldn't pay enough for the pick. Even if that's the case, the Sun got the right player.

5c. You wanna hear lame announcing? Try a FSN broadcast of a Lynx game. Makes you appreciate even the annoying MLB announcers (Hawk, Buck), who at least are among the living.

5d. C made me happy again with her aesthetic choices. I was showing her women's basketball, to get her exposed to the idea that women can play sports, and she said "I want baseball." She really prefers softball, but she understands that isn't on anymore.

6. Now playing: Thomas Fehlmann "good fridge. Flowing: ninezeronineight"

7. Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Blogger SBG said...

Hilarious! Lima's quite a guy! :)

1:33 PM  
Blogger frightwig said...

Your daughter is incredibly bright and aware for her age, AMR.

11:31 PM  

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