Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Three Views

1. Whereas on Sunday, I couldn't find any baseball, I got home from the inlaws' house and found the same game on three channels. Cubs at Braves, on WGN, ESPN, and TBS. I shuffled through the channels, about a half inning on each, and decided I like the TBS announcers the best. Cubs announcers were talking about Bob Brenly's days as Devilbacks manager, and one time he got ejected and stayed polite. ESPN's Joe Morgan and his partner were talking about how the Division winners should get four home games against one for the Wild card team, which is just stupid; and they were bringing in the Atlanta vs. Indians '97 World Series, in which the Braves had 8 more wins, but maybe not home advantage, which is a totally different issue. Don Sutton on TBS talked about the actual game going on, even though it was already decided, and when a team such as the Cubs should set its sights on the Wild Card. After a half inning of each though, I saw that the game was pretty much decided and went out to mow the lawn.

2. All-Stars. Santana makes sense, although I hope his selection doesn't screw up our rotation. It probably will, because if he weren't selected, he'd probably start the first game after the break. I was hoping a couple extra days off could help him right himself a bit more. Nathan makes sense, too. He is the AL saves leader after all.

2.a) Torii is eligible in the "32nd man" fan poll for most slighted player. He is against Jeter, Matsui, Podsednik, and Carl Crawford of TB. I am delighted that Jeter didn't make the top 31. I am torn as who to vote for. Torii plays for my team and has been surging, but I want him to get some rest. Crawford plays for TB and must get absolutely no love, not exactly sure why he's on this list, but I haven't investigated. Podsednik is IMO the most deserving, but he plays for a (hated) rival. If he does make the team, he could always get injured there. It's probably all academic anyway, Matsui has a whole country pulling for him. I might have put Travis Hafner above them all though. Being a NoDakker, he's practically a homeboy.

3. Is Crain ROY eligible? He was called up Sept 1 or Aug 30 last year. I know all of the Twins "rookie-like" standouts had just a bit too much major league experience to be eligible. (Ford, Morneau, Mauer)

4. I was about to head today's entry "One-Tool Player" and highlight Matthew LeCroy, and remember Jose Offerman. But then Souhan starts his article with a too-similar idea. And I waited an extra day to write. I didn't know LeCroy suffered from Gout.

5. I'm not sure what I think about Radke skipping a start and requiring the Twins to send down a middle infielder (Abernathy) to bring up his replacement. He could have gone on the DL and only missed 2 starts because of the All-Star game.

5a. I am looking forward to seeing Baker though. One inning was not enough.

6. It feels good to beat a legitimate baseball team. TB scored 8 today and couldn't beat the ChiSox. KC has been outscored 3-21 since beating us on Wednesday.

7. We were only one start off from the greatest pitching matchup of the last 3 decades: Santana, J vs. Santana, E. Earvin, you still have 20 hours to ask coach to more you back a start!

8. (non-baseball) I haven't listened to much top 40 radio this summer, and I thought I'd use this weekend to catch up on the songs I haven't heard. B96 and KDWB in the cities, KCLD in Lake country. My thought: Where the hell are the good crossover singles? Will Smith's "Switch" is damned good (not something I expected to say), but nothing else new interested me in the least.

Rap should be lamenting the day that 50 Cent went platinum. I was impressed with him too when he came out, all nonchalance and swagger, but now it seems everyone is hard, thug and trying to get by without sounding like they care. I know there were others around just before him (Fabolous), but he brought it mainstream. And Crunk is at best dancehall for Americans. Dear Missy, Tim, OutKast, and Jay-Z: the world desperately needs a good single from at least one of you.

9. Hope you still have all your digits after the weekend! Now get back to work!


Blogger Batgirl said...

Dear Mr. mr,

I am personally devestated by the Santana/ Santana thing. Of course it was a childhood dream of mine to have Allen Anderson be battery mates with Andy Allanson.


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