Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Birthday!

1. At least Gardy showed that he now has subbing guts in late innings. He had LeCroy PH for Luis Rivas in the top of the 9th, with no one besides Redmond on the bench to field. Good! Why worry about defensive positions if you're playing to not win anyways (by having Rivas bat)? I got on Gardy about this last week, and I'm happy to see his reconsidered. If someone scores, I'm not sure what we use for defensive positioning then: LeCroy 1B, Punto 2B, Rodriguez SS, Morneau 3B; or Redmond 3B?

With Gardy all-a-sudden making proper batting moves, can we replay the interleague schedule?

2. 2 ER in 5 IP isn't bad for Scott Baker. Too bad his team couldn't score and he got hung with the L.

3. Terry Mulholland had a damned good relief outing. In the 6th, he got lefty Garrett Anderson to pop out, walked two switch hitters and got lefty Dallas McPherson to pop out. I thought he might walk righty Benji Molina so he could get lefty Adam Kennedy to pop out, but he got Benji to pop out just fine himself. Although I was scared during the inning.

4. Today (Wednesday) is my Mom's birthday. Happy birthday Mom! She's 53 and doesn't know this page exists, but happy birthday to her anyway.


Anonymous Twins Geek said...

Just saw your link over at Anne's site. Your site looks great, and I look forward to reading you again. Welcome to the Twins blogging community.

Twins Geek

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