Friday, July 08, 2005

Ugly Goat of the Day: 7/7/05

Note: Wanting to abbreviate this award to something other than the diety, I have added an adjective. The Ugly Goat Of the Day (U-GOD) represents the person, place or idea that most contributed to the Twin's loss and on which we can place the blame, so we can drive the losing out of town. Why "Ugly"? Because I thought that some of these losses have been ugly. They make me want to headline every entry with "Ugh" (Ugly =? "Ugh" + ly). U-God was always the least impressive of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Okay, this one was totally on me. Double jinxing by praising Lohse and mocking Jose Lima, I brought it all on my club, your club. When the pivotal at-bat is a Texas-Leaguer in which the batter a) is Angel Berroa and b) intended to check his swing, we have to look at things other than gameplay. I mean, Lima doesn't get "wins." So it's definitely AMR, U-God.


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