Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Post to Be Named Later

1. I'm sure that Bret Boone just wanted to get into his brother's division. (We only have 6 games left against Cleveland? How can that be?) I like the guy's reported attitude, "That was where I wanted to be." Not sure if he's prepared for eventual bench work if he stays with the Rivas-like numbers he put up in Seattle (he has more power than Rivas).

1a. The Twins, by not calling up Abernathy or Bartlett when Baker was sent down, must have known this was coming. I think they said they weren't sure who was getting the call. Right.

1b. Not a big solution, but given the structure of the deal (we pay him league minimum), and hopefully a non-great prospect, I don't think it's a bad move. Kind of lateral, but will give Bartlett, Abernathy, and Tiffee more time to work on things in the minors. And hey, Olerud looked alright for the Yanquis last summer. Well, except for that fielding helmet and batting stance.

1c. Still, I wonder if Bret's and Aaron's production drop-offs could be related to the expanded steroid testing.

2. Home run derby: Venezuela will be my country to root for in next year's World Cup of Baseball. Because of Silva and Rincon and Santana. Didn't know that Melvin Mora was Venzuelan. So, way to go Bobby Abreu. I'm happy this isn't its own sport, because then people will start using strategy, and you won't ever see 24 HRs out of a guy right out of the box.

Anyway, C picked to root for Mark Teixiera, and picked Bobby Abreu for E's rooting interest, and I had Carlos Lee. C got a bit bored with it, and couldn't see the balls when they were hit. E never even watched. Bobby Abreu hit so danged many HRs that C didn't even get to stay up to see Mark Teixiera. Hee-Sop Choi was her last. I saw Choi did not bring Radke and did not advance.

2a. Chris "Boomer" Berman of ESPN should not be calling the Home-Run derby. I'm sure murders were up nationally last night from people who heard a dozen too many "Back back back back back!"s. If you call the home run derby, you should mix it up a bit. Try things out. Knowing which suburbs the homerun headed towards might be funny one or two times a night, not five times for one batter, and save it for the really long balls. Also, I had a better idea than he did if the ball was going out*. When Reggie Jackson was being interviewed during Choi's at-bat, Reggie did better announcing than Berman did. I would have liked to hear Gordo announce it "A Home Run! Touch 'em all, Ee-van Rodriguez" over and over without him running.

*Maybe the problem was announcing from the playing field rather than the booth.

2b. I learned what bugs me about Joe Morgan. He's not happy leaving well enough alone. He wants to change the homerun derby so homeruns can carry over from one round to the next. He wants the Wild-Card team to have only one home game in the LDS. He wants the team with the best record to get home-field advantage in the World Series. He's got all sorts of little piddly things that he thinks could make the game better and he won't shut up about them. I happen to disagree with him, but more than that, I'd like to hear about the game that is, not the game that could be. Still, I'd rather hear him talk about the rules than hear Berman's Homerun calls 80 times on the night.

3. I'm thinking of changing this site a little bit, fully embracing the parenthood part of it. Doing the kidblogging similar to frightwig's and SBG's catblogging. Let me know if you tink that's pathetic.

4. Regarding summer singles, rapper "The Game" has a great song "Dreams" produced by Kanye West. Unfortunately, "The Game" has to rap on it, and he sounds like 50 cent without the charisma. But the beat and sung hook is probably the best we'll hear all year. Kanye's own single "Diamonds" is okay, but the beat is way lesser than "Dreams," although if I don't have to turn it off when C's around due to lyrical content. Missy Elliot has a new single, too. "Lose Control," and it's okay, but not as singular as "Get Ur Freak On" "One Minute Man" "Work It" "Gossip Folks" "Pass That Dutch" or "I'm Really Hot," her great string of previous singles.


Blogger SBG said...

Do you think Chris Berman could get a job as a national sportscaster now? He caught a lucky break with ESPN and he has long ago made me want to change the channel whenever he's on.

10:01 PM  
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