Monday, July 18, 2005

Goat of Weekend: 7/14-17/05

Obviously, when a new trade, a guy to sparkplug the lineup or whatever, goes 2-16, 1rbi, when the team drops three of four at home, he is Goat. Bret Boone, Goat of the Weekend.

(With an assist from Frankie Rodriguez, for 10 batter/9 out / no hit dominance. 6-6 saves/opps against us with 1 ER for the year. Thank you for not playing us again this year, Fritz.)


Blogger Rachel said...

I was at Saturday and Sunday's games. The highlight of Saturday night, other than Michael Ryan's home run, was when Boone hit a foul ball and the 9 year old boy sitting next to me yelled "Yes! Contact!" Everyone in 214 cracked up laughing over that.

6:21 PM  

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