Friday, July 22, 2005

U-GOD: 7/22/05

In those close one-run games, finding the U-GOD is difficult because there are plenty of blown opportunities and no one really did anything all that bad alone. But tonight's game had three great performances that all need to be noted, even if only TJ can be the U-God.

TJ Mulholland took over a game that was in bad shape, made it a little worse by letting in the run, got some run support, and then made it a blowout. I'm sure everybody that was tuned in is asking why he's still on the team. I've loved the guy, but this has been ridiculous. TJ is UGOD.

U-God honorable mention goes to Bret Boone for one of the costliest errors I have seen recently. In the bottom of the 5th, it should have been double play with a runner on third rather than no outs and the bases loaded. If he fields that cleanly, we have a one-or-two run inning, Mays stays in the game, Mulholland never blows it all up, and things like the top of the 6th can be meaningful.

U-God honorable mention also to me, AMR, who watched the game in bits. Whenever he was watching, a team was scoring. Short bits in the top of the second and bottom of the third, and then the bottom of the 5th and whole 6th inning. Even though I could see that my watching was forcing the Tigers to score, I did not turn away. Even though I knew my watching could help the Twins get back in it in the 7th, I had to give C a bath.


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