Sunday, September 18, 2005

Best. Day. Ever. (Epilogue)

You wanna know what's great? My little girl, just 2 years old, was walking by the TV today, on her way to her post-nap snack. She heard Dick Bremer call out someone on a Contreras stikeout. And C says "Daddy! He got a Strikeout! Good job Baseball Player!" She's been talking about Matt Guerrier and Jacque Jones and the Bear that was very nice to her. Now maybe my enthusiasm is just bubbling over to her, but I think she's actually starting to get it and she does like it. She can still remember Mark Teixiera and Bobby Abreu from the home-run derby. She's got a schedule with Joe Mauer and has carried it around all day calling it her ticket and at the end of the day, she put it in her "treasure box."


Blogger frightwig said...

C for Commish! That's good enough for me!

9:08 PM  

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