Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No (well, little) Rain

1. Rain didn't prevent Liriano's start from counting (my fear when he had 4K, in his first perfect 2.0 IP), but it did keep it short.

2. Do I need to start the Luis Rivas watch back up? He's hitting .375/.444/.875/1.319 in September. Okay, its 3-8 with a BB, 2B, and HR, but still... Good luck wherever you end up next year, Luis R (1.0). Don't be a Guzman.

3. Somehow, Rincon getting the loss feels better than Mays "saving the loss*" for Liriano. I still would have liked Rincon to get that damned 3rd out though.

* Saving the loss: When a relief pitcher turning a save situation for the opposition into a non-save situation by giving up runs (not just ERs) that gives the opposition no save situation when the next inning begins. Note: this does not apply to the "pitching the last 3 innings in any win" save.

4. Elimination numbers as of Wednesday afternoon: 5 ALCD, 10 ALCS.

5. Barry Bonds better be available as a PH. (He's not starting for los Gigantes on "a day game after night game.") Too bad they can't DH him like the Twins do Mauer.


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