Tuesday, September 06, 2005


1. Labor Day games are just exhibitions, right?

2. I paid admission to Friday's game just to get the hat, and then left after watching batting practice. The hat is nice, (especially for $6), but the "TC" embroidered is backwards compared to the red hat. Blue T, White C. Still, way better looking than the $16 "M" official stocking hat.

3. With a minor-league catcher called up (neither Corky nor Bowen though), is it time we use Redmond as DH when Mauer's catching? Or platoon him at DH with LeCroy? Wouldn't that be cool? Our catchers are also our DHs! I've never heard of a team where the usual catcher DHs on his days off and the usual DH catches on the catcher's day off?

3a. How is it that Redmond's been a backup catcher most of his career? Is he a Gus Frerotte (probably good enough to be starting somewhere else)? Think what we could have done with him catching last year instead of Blanco and Borders!

4. I wish Juan Castro was a young player so I could get over some of his batting and fielding gaffes and say "look at the potential! Some good ABs, a little power, draws some walks and can make a great fielding play when he's not bobbling the ball. Hitting should improve and some of the fielding will come iwth time." Unfortunately, I can't.

5. I think we should move Juan Rincon to the rotation and/or have Kyle and Baker seek Venezuelan citizenship, so in 2 years when Radke retires, we have an all-Venezuelan rotation. I'm sure Lohse would take to his new nationality and pitch like it, consistently. Actually, it could be possible he's already Venezuelan, with his pitching in the second half this year?

5a. Yes, I think Kyle will/should be back next year. If not, I hope he goes to the Braves. Just not one of those crappy NL teams that we never play and are never televised (Pirates, Rockies, Reds, Diamondbacks, Dodgers).

6. I saw that Paul Konerko is a free agent next year. He's the scary (for pitchers) kind of batter that I hope the Twins get. I sure as hell wouldn't mind him on the team.

7. Didn't catch much of this weekend's games, we're in the middle of a major home reconstruction project. The only place to put the PTBNL is the toy/computer room in our small 1950's rambler. So, we're fixing up the basement to put a huge family room/computer room there. Three-day weekend equals 3 days of working 6-10 hours at putting up and tearing down walls while wrangling C to stay out of the areas with power tools and puller nails. We're now about 5% done with the project, and the kid is due in early December. Yipes!


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