Friday, August 26, 2005


1. Best matchup of the year: Chacon vs Chacin in NY yesterday. The guy without glasses won.

2. Even the Strib's "Twins Notes" section mentions that Mays may be dropped from the rotation. If it's mentioned there, it's already done.

3. Has any team ever tried to contend with non-pitchers with these batting lines starting games:

.202/.261/.310/.571 (Ryan)
.220/.246/.330/.576 (Tiffee)
.245/.306/.341/.647 (Punto)
.239/.305/.348/.648 (Bartlett)
Hey, I like these guys, and most have had few ABs, but man have they produced little in their chances. I was gonna include Abernathy, too, but he's got a comparatively respectable .271/.345/.354/.699.


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