Tuesday, August 16, 2005

C's Sunday

1. I try not to get into too much name-calling with other teams and their players, especially those that aren't names. I respect them and realize that typically they're just trying to do thier job. But man, does Aaron Rowand bug me with his batting stance. Is he constipated? Does that [constipation] help his mechanics?

2. The Phenom in Seattle got another win today. 8 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 11K, 1 BB. 0.86 ERA and 21 K in 21 IP over 3 starts. Of course, it was against the Royals. He got 11 runs of support. If I'm an M's fan, I'm so excited I'm worrying.

3. Juan Rincon, man, Juan Rincon.... You wanted to feel sorry for those batters he K'd. They had no chance. Everyone knew what was gonna happen, but they could not make contact or stop swinging.

4. Some of the Twins underperformers you get frustrated with and want the club to give up on (Rivas, Boone), others you want to just figure the damned thing out. I so want Kyle to be the pitcher he can be, if its with another club in the future or whatever. Sounds like he got hit hard (I picked up the game in the 6th right as Konerko was tagged out at 2nd), but hell, 2 ER and a win sounds pretty damned good for a bad outing, even if it only was 5 1/3.

5. Sunday morning, Grandparents P took C to the Como Zoo. C liked Aunt A's purse. Aunt A took the picture.

6. Sunday night, C wanted to read in the car. So we did. I read the newspaper and C read a little book but pushed a lot of buttons and pretended to drive. E took a picture.

7. Then, after swimming in her wading pool, I picked C some seeded out dandelions and she used them to be a family. The big sister flower put the baby brother flower into his crib so he wouldn't cry. And then they sang "A Baby, A Baby, A Baby." Here's a picture.


Blogger frightwig said...

Sweet. I like the one with the trees reflected in the glass.

5:41 AM  
Blogger SBG said...

I'm with you on Lohse. His performance wasn't exactly dominating, but he held them down in the fourth after he got four runs from the offense. He seemingly has a lot of talent. I hope he makes it some day.

12:13 PM  

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