Wednesday, August 10, 2005


1. Dear Kyle Lohse, you rock my world. You are an awesome pitcher and now we all know it. Too bad you are in the AL and can't show your teammates personally how to figure out the phenom. I'm sure you would have hit a homer or at least and RBI double. I was disappointed that Gardy didn't send you out there for the complete game loss. Forget about the L, here's your line: 7.0 IP, 4 H (9 TB), 2 BB, 7 K, 1 ER. That's Johan's line, dude. Again, you rock!

2. The Strib reports that it was hard to get scouting on Hernandez because the game wasn't televised. Their advance scout "noted how Hernandez through [sic] a high percentage of curveballs." Hello, You can watch it over and over again.

2a. I didn't need to quote there, but just wanted to use "[sic]."

3. KC gave up 11 runs (3 earned) in the 9th to blow a 5-run lead against Cleveland. [I'm not quite sure how ERs work, because the team gave up 3 ER, but Macdougal gave up 7 (3 ER) and Jimmy Gobble gave up 4 (all earned) but they were after 3 errors should have gave them the 6th out of the inning.]

4. I watched the inning-by-inning Rochester Red Wings updates for yesterday's morning game. Fransisco Liriano looks pretty good. Is he starting Sept 1? If the Twins are totally out of it by Sept, maybe we should send some of our guys like Bartlett back down and let the Redwings go on a title run. They're only a half-game out of first. Oh, and we'd better call Rivas back up. He's quite the rally-killer in AAA too, but yesterday he only came up during rallies in which the RedWings had already scored.


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