Thursday, August 18, 2005

Still Here

I haven't died or anything. I've had a bad virus attack at work, a long game, and a nite out with friends (structured around watching the second half of last night's game). Maybe I have some thoughts other than "winning is good" and "So is not losing 18 straight."

I just want to note that even though the Twins used Juan Rincon for one batter, we still won the war of pitcher attrition, thanks much to Matt Guerrier's 4 stellar IP and Romero coming in with a clean slate instead of inherited runners. Had we not scored against Adkins, JC could have gone another inning maybe and we still had Nathan around to maybe eat 2-3 innings before we'd have to get to Mulholland. And Mulholland could have given us 1-2 before the dinger. So, had we not scored, we definitely would have lost in the 21st inning.


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