Wednesday, August 24, 2005

La Tierra de Pitcheos

1. I remember an old Nike commercial about the DR. "La Tierra de Mediacampistas," which is either the land of shortstops or infielders. With Johan, Garcia, Silva, Rincon, Liriano, and probably 8 others, Venezuela should be the land of pitchers.

1a. Check out the top Venezuelan sports story:

Un cuadrangular de Jacque Jones rompió un partido sin hits de Freddy García a la altura del octavo episodio y permitió a Johan Santana salir airoso de un espectacular duelo monticular que culminó con una victoria de 1-0 para los Mellizos de Minnesota frente a los Medias Blancas de Chicago.

I got these Spanish vocab words:
"cuadrangular" = "homerun"
"Mellizos" = "Twins"
"triunfo" = "win"
"Juego de Estrellas" = "All-Star Game"
"incogibles" = "hits"
"rescate" = "save"
"entrada" = "inning"
"error de Pablo Ozuna" = "Pablo Ozuna's error"

1b. I didn't realize that the 700 club was still in existence. Aren't there some dictatorships in soccer-loving countries we can worry about before going after our misguided brothers-in-baseball who just happen to be murderous thugs? Does Pat Robertson have an anti-baseball bias? WHY DOES HE HATE AMERICA (and its pastime)?

2. I was really hoping Mikey Ryan could get that sac fly and score Cuddy from third. Then the Twins would have had the lead with Garcia still dealing a No-hitter. I'm sure I could look, but I doubt that CG, 0 H, 0 ER, L performances are damned rare.

2a. What do you call Cuddy's "hit"? A two-base fielding error sounds weak. How about a double on an error?

3. SBG would have to go find and post a picture of a guy wearing a Yankees Batting Practice cap (actually navy blue instead of allegedly navy blue). He thinks he can pull one over on me.

4. This site isn't about to turn political, but i've been hearing a lot of guff about the Alaskan pork in the transportation bill. Two billion dollar bridges, one from Ketchican to an island and another from Anchorage to across the Cook Inlet/Knik Arm. Can I object to that on aesthetic grounds? I was just there in June and one of the coolest things about Anchorage was how close it seemed to be to the lowlands across the water, but how danged far you would have to drive to get there. And I don't believe there's anything there to get to. I don't live there and can't say with authority that it's not needed, but a bridge across the water would greatly mar the beauty of Cook Inlet and with it Anchorage

5. C and I ran some errands on Monday night, and we listened to pop radio:
Song 1: "Get Low" by Li'l Jon & the Eastside Boyz. Do you like this? "No" Why not? "It sounds mad." True enough, although I was trying to get her to say "I like crunk."
Song 2: "How Bizarre" by OMC. Do you like this? "No, It sounds sad." It sounds sad? "Change it daddy."
Song 3: "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna. "I like this song. This is happy music." Good. She likes dancehall. Step 2 is complete.


Blogger frightwig said...

1. Mediacampistas = "Middle campers?"

1a. A mangled translation from Babelfish: "A quadrangular one of Jacque Jones broke a party without hits of Freddy Garci'a to the height of the eighth episode and allowed to Johan Santana to leave windy a spectacular duel to monticular that it culminated with a victory of 1-0 for the Twin ones of Minnesota as opposed to the Average White of Chicago."

1b. I'm not sure that Hugo Chavez really deserves to be singled out as a "murderous thug," no more than George W. Bush does, anyway. That certainly wasn't the reason Pat Robertson, self-proclaimed Man of God, gave to justify his fatwa. No, Preacher Pat was very clear: Chavez should be taken out because 1) assassination is cheaper than starting another war, and 2) he has oil!

4. Amongst the dumbest things about those Alaskan pork projects: one of the bridges will link Ketchikan to an island where just 50 people live. $250 million for a bridge that will service 50 residents and those who want to visit them at home. We're also paying $3 million to fund a documentary film about how Alaska is spending money on its highways.

5. They play dancehall reggae on pop radio now?

2:22 AM  
Blogger amr said...

They play poppy dancehall on the Radio: Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, that Nina Sky song was a Riddim, A little Elephant Man (in hip-hop remixes), and Rihanna (who is a poppy singer, unlike a lot of dancehall). Rihanna's song was one of the top 10 radio hits of the summer.

8:59 AM  

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