Friday, August 19, 2005

Big Boi, plus the guy from OutKast

1. Matthew Lecroy, thank you for doing what you do without having to field.

2a. Last night, I had an invitation to meet some friends at the game but instead went to a concert at First Ave: Big Boi (half of ATL rap group OutKast). It was a damned good concert. Lots of energy, everyone on stage looked like they were having fun. Marginal OutKast-ers like Killer Mike and Sleepy Brown were there and performed their singles. Four-piece horn section. Four dancers. Basically played "OutKast's Greatest Hits" except, of course, for that one that was all Andre ("Hey Ya") .

2b. When the double album came out, I really thought I would prefer Andre's disc, but I didn't. Big Boi can be sufficiently weird on his own, but I think Andre needs Big Boi to keep him making good music (as opposed to Prince variations). Big Boi found contrast between party and introspection. Andre found more sexiness. Big Boi's half is much more interesting.

2c. AMR's Pythagorean formula for quality of a rap concert: Quality = Talent / Microphones. There were usually 2 mics, but whoever had the second mic laid off most of the time. Opener, Bizarre, the overweight shower-cap wearing member D12 (Eminem's band) was pretty bad. Less talent, and 3 mics, and hangers-on basically rapped all the verses alongside Bizarre. And his songs really didn't have hooks. And he was vulgar and crude without being shocking. Boringly misogynistic. The crowd got more excited for a Big Boi Roadie's soundcheck than for almost anything in this set.

2d. I was spoiled at my first rap show. Rhymesayers at the Entry. Beyond's "Comparison" release party. January 1997. Beyond (now Musab, one guy) was pretty much on stage with just his one mic. Even though Atmosphere had played earlier (back when they had 2 MCs), I was sure that Beyond must be the TC's best rapper. Close quarters, intimate and intense, not shouting, no hangers-on with mics for no reason other than to frustrate listeners. I like rappers to be more like singers-songwriters with a different skill, probably because of that concert. Be quiet and let people hear all your abilities.

3. Somewhere in the Chicago series, I realized I'm biased against teams with no colors on their unis. Yankees, ChiSox, Spurs, Raiders, and maybe the Rockies and Canucks.

4. I keep rooting for Toronto to get into this WC race with the Twins until I see thier ugly unis on sportcenter.

5. If anybody's praying to Tony Gwynn tonight, please put in an extra plea for the Royals. They need to have some success against the A's. Lima v. Harden, Wood v. Zito, and Runny H. v. Blanton.

6. Before the Marathon game, C and I were hanging out and she wanted to listen to a CD. She picked out Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor "No Protection" because the spine was pink. I played it. "Daddy, I like this music." "This is called dub music," I said. "I like dub music, daddy." Yes! Step 1 of my music-taste programming plan is now complete.

7. Damned Sudoku in the Strib has me hooked.


Blogger frightwig said...

Hey, I have that Massive Attack CD! What does it mean if I share a musical taste with a 4 year-old?

4:02 PM  
Blogger amr said...

C is only 2. What it means is that you have the musical taste of a 2-year-olds' daddy. Also, it means that Mad Professor is the man. He even made that first Esthero single good.

4:20 PM  
Blogger SBG said...

The Yanks have blue in their unis and their uniforms are fantastic. But, you can make that exception. "I hate teams without color in their unis. And, of course, I hate the Yankees."

4:39 PM  
Blogger frightwig said...

I forgot, C is a mature 2. If she is down with Esthero, she is even more hip than frightwig.

10:22 PM  

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