Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aw, Crap...

1. Now I'm not a huge Vikings fan, they're probably my second-favorite local team, but at about a third of my interest as the Twins (they're just above the UMN's women's basketball team). But, Souhan has this to say tomorrow about Culpepper: "NFL MVP." That does not bode well. When he started his column, he warned us that he jinxes teams, and just months later picked the Twins to make it to the World Series. Forget me being the Goat for this season, or even Scotty Ullger, it is Souhan.

2. Cristian Guzman was used as a pinch hitter tonight in a double-switch. He popped out foul, but it was a full-gallop catch that looked damned impressive on TV.

3. What time do the gates open for games? I really want a stocking cap but won't be able to stay for much of the game. I figure a $6 cheap seat ticket and leaving maybe even before the game starts is a better deal than buying a cap at a store. I'll probably catch some bp/warmups for fun. Plus, it gets added to the paid attendance numbers.

4. A friend asked me to sign up for his Fantasy Football league this year, something I have never done. I'll be making awful picks. Here's to shooting the moon!

5a. Kanye West's new single "Gold Digger" is just fantastic, the way Jamie Foxx's looped vocal meshes with that little flutey sound in the beat, makes it sound like he's vocoded just a tinge at the end. Forgettable subject, but Kanye's rapping is good enough to probably make this my favorite radio song of the year.

5b. On Kanye's Album (which I've only sampled) the remix of "Diamonds" has this great little triplet from Jay-Z: "I'm not a businessman/ I'm a business, man/ Let me handle my business, damn!" Kanye's new verse is all about the blood diamond trade in Sierra Leone.

5c. To contrast a good case of rhyming the same words against probably the worst, check this out from the Game on Kanye-produced "Dreams": "I woke up out that coma in 2001/ 'bout the same time Dre dropped '2001'." Yecch.


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