Wednesday, August 31, 2005

All Hit, No Run

1. List of Twins that didn't get a hit today:

List of Twins who scored today:
There's a Yakov Smirnof joke in there somewhere.

1a. Also, The innings in which the Twins did not have a hit:

2. To keep the lists short, here are the players and coaches who do not get a share of the goat of the day:
2a. Jason Bartlett: not once did he produce an out when there was a runner on base (including himself). His fielding of late even sounds slick.
2b. Kyle Lohse: Mike Wood is no King Felix, but your luck is the hardest.
2c. Juan Rincon: Didn't leave any batters on base or run the Twins out of a decent scoring opportunity or put in Mulholland, which is more than I can say about anyone else.

3. Putting Mulholland in was a white flag from Gardy, right? "We've won the series and playing for Pride." I can't imagine how that run does not score. I seriously cannot. JC had a way better chance, even off of throwing 6 pitches last night.

4. Denny Hocking did not have a good mugshot. I think he lost at least 30 pounds since spring.

5. King Felix vs Unit tonight. Go Felix!


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Good God, what torture. I'm glad I didn't have to watch it or pay attention to it.

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