Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bruised Bananas

1. I don't know, I feel like I've been away for a long time even if my last post was Friday. I've just been confused about everything. I see the Yankees on TV and I have fits. Hats? Black. Undershirts? Blue. NY? Black. Lettering? Blue. Maybe. I'm very confused. And Fans are no help with BP hats and equal amounts of Blue and Black stuff. And then, MTV decided to play videos for a week. And I was subjected to, for the first time, Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." I do fine with barely english dancehall lyrics and postmodern lyrics from bands like Underworld, but somehow, a song about spelling "bananas" gets lodged in my head and I just shut down.

2. 1 ER over 7 innings and a ND? Welcome to the rotation, Mr. Baker.

3. I think the baseball player whose autobiography, once written, I would most like to read someday is Jose Lima. I don't kow much about his history, but I'm sure there's some big things in his. And he just intrigues me. He has such an air of "crazy" around him.

3a. Can Lima find work next year? AAA with the Pirates affiliate? Tampa Bay? Twins bullpen when Mulholland retires? Do bench coaches coach or are they basically cheerleaders, b/c Lima would be a great dugout cheerleader.

4. Can Joe Mays find work next year?

5. As I see it, the Royals have two "definite starters" in their "young guys" list (a/k/a "everyone but Lima"): Greinke and Runny Hernandez. I think Burgos will always be a reliver, but how Wood and Carrasco are starters while Sisco and Gobble are relievers is just maybe because that's what was needed when they were called up?

5a. Gobble is a Lefty, but not a Loogy, just like our JC.
5b. Is the Loogy dying? I flipped to the Dodgers-Cubs game* during commercial breaks and saw that there was one lefty in the sum of both bullpens.
* Cubs won on a Henry Blanco 2 rbi 2-out single.

6. I love Burgos's blue glove, especially with the handsome KC home alt unis.
6a. E is still dead-set against Ambiorix for the name of PTBNL, now due in a scary-close 3 months, and we're no closer to a name than we were when we started.

7. I could see Silva giving up those runs in the 7th (i mean, he just doesn't throw that many pitches), but I just kept hoping for the inning-ending double play.

8. I think I'm going to Friday's game just for the stocking cap. I spent last winter looking for a good one and couldn't find one. What time do the gates open for 7:00 games?

9. Assuming the Twins don't make the playoffs, I'm hoping for an Indians-Braves WS. I wish MLB would do like the NCAA and ban offensive cartoons from postseason play, meaning the Indians will just have to wear the "I" hats and jerseys. I personally have no problem with the team names, (I think the Indians even took the name from an Indian player when the franchise was new), but Wahoo is a crude stereotype that really should be retired.


Blogger frightwig said...

According to the Wikipedia, the story that the Indians were named after the Cleveland Spiders player Louis Sockalexis is a myth that has been disavowed by the club itself.

The Indians were originally called the Blues after the color of their jerseys, but changed to the Broncos for one year in 1902 because the players hated the newspapers' habit of calling them the "Bluebirds." From 1903-14, they were known as the Naps after their star Nap Lajoie. When Lajoie left the team after the 1914 season, the press took to calling the club the Indians in tribute to the Miracle Braves who had just won the '14 World Series. It wasn't meant to be permanent, but it's stuck ever since.

Although the Indians are not the same club as the Cleveland Spiders, which was an NL team, I think it would be cool if they adopted the name anyway. The possibilities for logo designs and marketing plays on words are nearly endless. And it's such a great name, isn't it?

11:16 AM  
Blogger frightwig said...

Btw, AMR, what is a "Hollaback Girl?"

11:18 AM  
Blogger amr said...

FW: You got me.
Maybe a gang member? But, no, that would be a "Hollapoint Girl."

The only football columnist I can read, Gregg Easterbrook (Tuesday Morning Quarterback on, often uses nicknames for teams, either to be silly or to avoid the perjorative "Redskins." I had started to, in a similar fashion refer to the north Ohio baseball team as the "Cleveland Hafners." I think I will return to that usage.

Perhaps upon his retirement after 20 years with the team and 5 MVPs and 8 HR titles, along with 3 consecutive WS championships, the team will follow my lead. A Hafner charicature on the unis would be great.

(I gotta start using that Wikipedia thing. It seems to be useful.)

12:25 PM  
Blogger frightwig said...

The Wiki is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

10:16 PM  
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