Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kenny and the Laundry Door

1. While putting in a door to the new laundry room, in my basement, I caught these snippets of the game:

1a. Turned on the TV at about 8:15. Mulholland pitching in the 5th? Crap! Score: 6-4. Must be a typo, Mulholland wouldn't be in a game that close that early? Maybe it's 8-4. What happened to Kyle? Shelled that bad or hurt? I think I was hoping he was hurt. Either way, I'm excited that we're able to put up 4 against Kenny.

1b. Castro ties it up with a HR. Again, I wish he was a rookie so we could look for him to get better in the places where he isn't better. Now it's 6 runs against Kenny!

1c. In the 9th, now it's 7-6 and Nathan's pitching. Allright! But Nathan lets it be tied. Why? What did I do? Why does Joe Nathan hate me? Blown save, but I need to get moving on this door...

1d. Postgame show: Twins lose 10-7. Seriously? F#$@!!! 7 runs and you guys can't win the damn thing? 7 runs against Kenny Rogers and a loss?

1e. This morning: Hey, the Saints won their first playoff game!

2. Gardy on pulling Lohse: "We did everything we could, You're in a pennant race... We're trying to win. Five runs in two innings, you can;t go with that." IF trying to win, why DHing Tyner? Why starting Punto? Yesterday, I said that I thought Lohse would be back next year. Now, I'm pretty sure he won't be. Damn.

2a. As I write this, Radke just gave up 5 in the 2nd inning. Will Liriano finish the game?

3. Saw Jason Tyner for the first time. Is it just me or does he look like he could be Augie Ojeda's brother and Pat Borders's son?

4. Man, I really want Bonds to come back and drive the Giants to the playoffs with a sub-.500 record. The Padres haven't earned a playoff spot, and I want to see more LaTroy (not used as a closer). Plus, it would sure as hell be a lot of fun and keep people at work talking about baseball rather than football.

4a. I'm probably one of the least concerned people about steroids in baseball. I think this years' system should be good for 3-5 years, and then tighten it up, if problems persist, but not much. What happened to Raffy should be sufficient warning to others. I think a lot of complaining about steroids is from people who have a distaste for the muscular sluggers like Bonds, Giambi, Canseco, Sosa, and MacGuire. I don't care that much because how many chamionships do those guys have? One? (Canseco and MacGuire in Oakland).


Blogger frightwig said...

2. Nice point. I've said that Lohse will have to go, and should go, if only because of his salary situation; but it's still always fun to figure who's on the ins or outs based on how Gardy treats a guy. Watch out, Kyle. Don't be shocked if Liriano gets to take your last couple starts of the season.

4. I'm pulling for SF because I think it would be fun if RANDY WINN turned out to be the big impact acquisition of the summer!

4a. Depends on whether you think Sheffield/Brown/Bonilla were using in '97, or Gonzo was on the juice in '01.

9:28 AM  
Blogger SBG said...

Gonzo on the juice? That ball barely made the outfield! :) Oh wait, 57 HRs.

8:51 AM  

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