Monday, September 12, 2005

Magic Numbers

1. The Twins' magic numbers are 7 and 12: 7 MIN losses + CWS wins and we cannot win the division, 12 MIN losses + CLE wins and we cannot win the wild card. With 20 games left, we're looking at a pretty good chance of missing the playoffs here folks. It's probably time we start to consider that possibility. Joking aside, the Twins are toast for this year. We were drying-out, warmed-up bread before losing 2 of 3 to TEX and all 3 to CLE, but the past week has cemented it.

2. And Beloit lost, and the Saints lost, so I'm pulling for the Hafners from here on out (I can officially start this now as we don't play them anymore.) Their WC magic number is 19, and their division magic number is 26 (at 5.5 out, they shouldn't concede the division yet). The WhiteSox playoffs magic number (guaranteed to win Wild Card) is 14 (over Yankees), and their division number is only 1 higher, 15 over Cleveland.

2a. Today's AL wild-card action: Hafners (Carsten Charles Sabathia) host Haren and the Athletes. (BTW, it would be fun to see CLE in the world Series, just to see Carsten hit. By which I mean, he's good at it.) Yankees, White Sox are Idle.

3. The advantage of losing 5 of 6 this week is the team can admit there's no chance and give a lot of the minor-leaguers looks or earned debuts (like Chris Heintz). And stop pressuring guys like Radke and Silva to pay through pain. With both Mauer and Redmond hurting a bit, I'd hope they'd call up Bowen.

4. Forget the losing though, C and I are going to Saturday's morning game. Anyone think they will have batting practice? I know C would love to see a "Home-Run Derby" live. The morning game works great with her nap schedule. I'd love to see someone's Major-leauge debut/first start that day.

5. My fantasy football team was stacked with Vikings (Culpepper, Burleson, Wiggins) just because I didn't know the players on many other teams. What a waste! As for the game, well, it was fun to watch, though I watched a lot of the Braves/Nats game, too. (Two blown saves! I'm a pitcher-partisan, but games with multiple blown saves are probably my next favorite to 1-0 or 2-1 extra-inning games).


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