Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dyed Angel

1. The Royals manage their first successful 9th-inning comeback of the year and win 10-9. Jermaine Dye booted Angel Berroa's double and the winning run came in from first. The Royals carried Berroa off the field. No cute story, but Cleveland beat the A's while New York stayed one back with their first series win over Tampa Bay. Cleveland might be able to win the Wild-Card with the second-best record in the AL, only 1.5 behind Boston. And this, after sucking out of the gate. Magic Numbers:
ChiSox: 13 ALCD, 13 ALWC
Hafners: 23 ALCD, 17 ALWC

2. Elimination Numbers:
Twins: 5 ALCD, 9 ALWC

3. A Bonds PH ended in a K, with LaTroy getting the L in the 10th after Benitez blew a 2R save in the 9th.

4. Placido Polanco is hitting .336, only 3 points behind MLB leader Derrek Lee and 2nd best overall, but isn't on the leader boards because he's split his season between leagues and doesn't have enough ABs in either to qualify. If he has the best BA, he should get some sort of MLB batting title, league-independent, like Carlos Beltran at last year's All-Star game (voted onto the AL team, traded to an NL team before the game).


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