Sunday, September 18, 2005

Best. Day. Ever. (Pt 2)

Hmm... Can't seem to upload any more pictures, maybe it's a blogger problem, maybe I've hit a threshold. I will try again tomorrow.

1. C and I went to Saturday's game. What a Blast! (and I'm not just talking about Cuddy).
1a. Got in early and took her down by the bullpen to see if she could meet anyone. Matt Guerrier was there and signed her ticket. Chris Heintz and Jesse Crain signed some later, but security started moving folk away and the players had stuff to do. I had never done that before.

1b. We had super tickets! Comped because group sales screwed up my order earlier in the year. We were in 127, behind home plate on the third base side. Someday, when I'm rich, I'll get tickets like these regularly.

1c. When Jacque was up in the third, he fouled a ball over the screen and a guy standing in the standing room caught it. He later reached down and gave it to C. She was so excited, she wanted the man to sign it. Thank you kind sir!

1d. In the 7th, C started talking about the home-run derby. Very next pitch, Cuddy does his part. Home Run Derby! Yay! I wish the foul ball was from him.

1e. We had to leave after the 7th, nap-time coming on strongly. C was great, generally excited at the right times, never whiny, and really gregarious with the wonderful women sitting behind us. All in all it was a great day. "Best day ever!" if I may quote Spongebob. I loved it, she loved it, and I really got to feel connected to her in a way I haven't since her mother went to England for a month.

1f. Thank you to Luis Brazeale, the guy in group ticket sales that felt bad enough about the minor screw-up with the tickets that he promised me comps. Without that, I would have never had lower club tickets, and I doubt I would have made the game at all. Getting these comps was way better than a no-complications order. I packed PB&Js, pretzels, carrots, and water. All in all, I spent $5 for parking and a coupla miles worth of gas for the most fun I've ever had with my daughter.

2. About the game...
2a. I looked at the lineup and worried a bit, but then remembered early this season when the opening-day lineup had such problems against junkballers like Hernandez and Moyer, that maybe letting Tyner and Tiffee were the guys to go after el Duque again. Tyner sure was. I'll have to check the box score, but I think he was 8-8, and that's just against Hernandez.

2b. I knew Hernandez would have a short leash, so I was surprised that he lasted as long as he did into the 4th. The first 3 innings were examples in Twins typical batting futlility: 3 IP, 66 pitches, 0 R. We had Hernandez on the run, but I'm not sure what from. I was very surprised that he won the battle with Castro in the first, 14 pitches and only a 2-2 count.

2c. Striking out the side to start the game was a great start. I hope no one heard me when I shouted out "KKK" with the third K. I did not even think of bad implications until I heard my voice.

2d. Nathan striking out the side with the bases loaded for a 5-run save was a great ending. (Heard it on the radio after C was asleep.) Bookends.

2e. Really, that's the kind of game I was hoping we'd see all season. Stifling pitching. HRs from Cuddy and Morneau. More RBIs from the outfield. Bullpen closes it down when called upon. Was that so hard? ( I guess so, see the two 2-1 losses to bookend the 5-0 win.)

3. I love the tradition of one morning game a year. Can we keep that even if we ditch the dome? Last year, Jeff Brantly of ESPN mocked the Twins for having to suspend a game after the 10th for a football game. I loved it! Kyle got to "Start" in the 11th for a 1-inning win. Plus, it was the second-last game of the year and first-round playoff matchups depended on the outcome. Just some of the quirky fun that a 162-game schedule gives you. Would it have been a travesty to Brantly for the game to be postponed due to rain? Brantly came across as an immense ass, and now I hold it against the ESPN hockey guy that also has a mullet.

4a. Magic Numbers:
ChiSox. ALCD: 11, ALWC: 10
Hafners. ALCD: 13, ALWC: 18

4b. Elimination Numbers:
Twins. ALCD: 1, ALWC: 4

4c. Over .500 Numbers:
Twins. 6 (with 14 to go)
Brewers. 9 (with 13 to go)


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