Tuesday, September 27, 2005

That sucked.

1. The whole 0-4 with 3 runs scored thing sucks. Damnit, KC, I've been rooting for you all year, but not a) when you're playing the Twins or b) when you're hurting my next-favored team's playoff chances. Stop that and lay down now! We'll do the same for you if you ever have a borderline playoff/.500 team.

2. Mays is starting on Thursday anyways.

3. Steroids. Union wants 20/75/lifetime(maybe) ban, with arbirtrators allowed to fudge if, say, it's your third positive test for one minor-league use. Plus testing for amphetamines. Bud wants 50/100/lifetime(certain). I think the Union's already given away too much. I think the current penalty structure is just right: 10/30/season/lifetime(maybe). I think that if MLB wants to appear harder on drugs, more testing is the way to go, with the current penalties, of which the harshest is outing as a user (ask Raffy). The following comments from King Kaufman (at Salon, behind ad/pay wall) say much better what I feel:

I think the whole program is misguided, that a law-enforcement,
testing-and-punishment approach to a drug problem accomplishes little other than
spurring improvements in the field of positive-drug-test avoidance. More undetectable drugs, better methods of fooling the labs.

It also provides plenty of jobs for drug cops, and allows policy-makers to act like they're doing something about the problem whenever the testers nab some poor sap who's fallen behind the herd or some bigger fish who's gotten careless, if I may mix my animal kingdom metaphors.
But what I really want to know is: Why is it always three strikes and you're out? Why isn't it ever two or four? Does it really make sense to base a whole law-enforcement philosophy on the rules of an athletic contest?
In 1887 baseball experimented with requiring four strikes for a strikeout. What if that had stuck? ... [W]ould law-and-order types be a third more lenient toward repeat offenders? Would our national sense of the proper blend of punishment and second chances be governed by the saying "four strikes and you're out"?

4. Magic Numbers
ChiSox: 5 (ALCD), 5 (ALWC)
Hafners: 9 (ALCD), 7 (ALWC)

5. Wins to .500 (6 remaining)
Twins: 3 (4 to over .500)
Brewers: 3 (4 to over .500)
Padres: 4 (5 to over .500)


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Three is both a Biblical and a Magic Number.

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