Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pretty much

1. From the Washington Post story on Bonds in DC:

Asked whether Congress was wasting time by looking into steroid use in sports,Bonds responded: "Pretty much, I think so. Yeah."
This guy is becoming my hero. The attitude: He's not angry or defensive or a victim, he's proud but not cocky. The prospect of returning in September to bring your .450 team into contention above a .500 undeserving division leader: Anyone doubt that if he were healthy, the team would not have won the division easily?

2. It's my fault the Twins lost these last 2 nights. I lost my wallet and my "lucky" Twins' schedule that was in it. Now, updating my schedule never guarantees a win, but not updating it before a weekday game guarantees a loss. Given how close the Monday ended up, my lack of updating my schedule definitely made the difference. Sorry everyone, I let you all down. Now, watch us lose the rest of the weekend games.

2a. Monday night was the first time all year I've gone to bed before the game ended. It was 1-6 in the 7th, so I think I can be excused.

3. Baseball Tonight was awesome on Monday. Blow-by-blow and analysis of ChiSox-Hafners as if they played in the Bronx and Boston. The first 15 minutes were about nothing other than these two teams. Gammons said smart things, Kruk said stupid things, and Reynolds said contradictory things, but all in deep* analysis of the top 2 teams in the AL Central. Pity one wasn't the Twins.
*Well, as deep as Kruk gets.

4. Magic Numbers:
ChiSox: 9 (ALCD), 9 (ALWC).
Hafners: 16 (ALCD), 12 (ALWC).
Padres: 8 (NLWD).
Giants: 18 (NLWD).

5. Elimination Numbers:
Twins: ALCD - Eliminated. ALWC - 1. We're officially out of October with the next Cleveland Win, Twins loss, or 2 Yankees wins.

6. Wins to break .500 (all with 12 games remaining):
Twins: 6
Brewers: 8
Fathers: 7
Gigantes: 12

7. Remaining Games:
CLE: 1@CWS, 4@KC, 3vTB, 3vCWS
CWS: 1vCLE, 4vMIN, 4@DET, 3@CLE
SD: 2@COL, 3@ARI, 4vSF, 3vLAD
SF: 2@WSH, 3@COL, 4@SD, 3vARI
MIL: 2vCHC, 3vSTL, 4vCIN, 3@PIT

Comments: I think CLE has an easier remaining schedule, but not by that much. It should really come down to games against each other. Hopefully, Santana can help out the Hafners. The Giants have some work to do, but with 3 games in Coors, Barry could match Ruth this season, if he gets any pitches. The Brewers games should give them a decent chance of that elusive winning season.


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AMR, have you thought about naming your son Travis, after your favorite Hafner? OR how about Coco?

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