Friday, January 27, 2006

Twins Fest

1. I've never gone to Twins Fest, but I'll be there Saturday morning. I don't think I'll be wearing anything remarkable, and the only people I'd recognize are Skorch, SBG, Seth, and Frightwig. I've never stood in line for signatures. I guess it'll depend on how long the lines are.
C is not coming with me, as I've never been there, I don't know if she'd like it. I'll scope it out this year and maybe take her next year.

2. C's changed her favorite player. It's now Matt Guerrier. (I didn't tell her that Jacque was traded, maybe her friends told her?) I'm thinking I'll try to wait in his line and tell him that he's the favorite player of a 2-year-old girl, just because he signed her ticket last fall.

3. H is doing well. He's got a bit of a schedule down, but he's way more sensitive to everything than C was. He can get overstimulated by merely looking at his ceiling while alone in his crib, so we've had to cover his window with blankets to block out all light.

4. How about the Wild? 5 Straight! Still 6 points out of playoff contention, but the teams ahead of them each have played one more game, so it's more like 5 points (2 1/2 games in any other sport's standings). Too bad the two best players are the goalies, so only one can play at a time.

4a. I'm not a huge hockey fan, I love the playoffs though, usually makes me wish I had paid attention to the regular season. I just looked up whether the Shootout or traditional extra-period sudden death overtimes will be used for the playoffs. I'm happy to report that it's the traditional 20-minutes overtimes. I may be a weirdo, but I love the 6-hour triple-overtime double-shutouts. Being up at 2am waiting for just one goalie to screw up, after he's been on the ice since 8 pm the previous day, knowing that both have done super jobs, being like 88-88 on shots yet still gonna be the goat if it slips through . . . God, that's tense and exciting. Plus, playoff beards are pretty much standard, which is something I advocate in other sports.
4b. In 2004, when there was both a NBA playoffs and NHL playoffs, I noticed that hockey takes abouth a month to do its playoffs, while basketball takes two, even though there are (potentially) the same number of games in each and both sports play roughly the same regular-season schedule.

5. I am not a big basketball fan. That said, I want Kevin Garnett to succeed more than I want the Timberwolves to succeed. Please trade him to a better team.