Saturday, March 20, 2010


Baby Girl, Born at 9:41 am, Saturday 3/20/2010.
7 lbs, 2 oz; 20.5 in.

Scheduled C-section went well. For her first four hours, she had some problems breathing by herself. Not enough to be scary, just enough so that she couldn't be brought to her mother's room. Was probably amniotic fluid in the lungs, without labor, there isn't enough pushing to necessarily push it all out. So it was hectic, trying to balance my own needs with staying with my baby, with informing my wife of what was going on, with making sure that the sisters in law could hold off the inquisitive siblings. At four hours, if she wasn't good to go to her mom, she would be "admitted" in the special nursing center, whatever that meant. I understood that as my wife wouldn't be able to see the baby until much later. And we needed to name her! And I sure thought the #1 name didn't fit.

Thankfully, it seemed like she needed 3h30m to get the fluid out, and at 4 hours we went to see er mom. When I got the news, then I jumped for joy. Was a good thing, because the #1 name really didn't fit and we made a last-minute change in the name. Middle name is a family name, maternal great-grandfather shared a first name with everyone's favorite catcher. Also, yesterday was the feast day of that saint, husband of Mary. And I think I might like her first two initials, despite sharing them with everyone's least-favorite catcher.

Brought the kids home late, and then big sister CER lost a tooth! What isn't happening today? I now need to sleep.


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