Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I've been watching tonight's game lightly. It seems that the Twins Defense is worse than even SBG thinks it is. The Twins defense may actually be giving hope to the Angels when they're probably close to writing off the season.

Last night: the last two runs of the game should have been unearned on bad throws/catches/whatever.

Tonight: In the first, well Figgins was caught stealing, but maybe Castillo needs to sell the out to the ump better. (Is there flopping in baseball?) Then Luis Rodriguez misplayed a ball that led to Cabrera's scoring.

In the fifth, well, I can't remember how it all happened (I'm watching lightly) but I'm pretty sure that none of those runs should have scored. The Twins should have a 3-0 lead off Kubel's homer, instead, they're just close enough to get Fransisco Rodrguiez another save.


Blogger frightwig said...

Some notable sloppiness in the 5th:

Figgins going from 1st to 3rd on Cabrera's groundball single to straight LF, and Elrod's inability to handle the throw which allowed Cabrera to move up to 2nd base.

Elrod's poor decision not to cut off the throw home on the Anderson sac fly to LF, allowing Vlad to move up to 2nd base. Kubel was charged with the error, but that's absurd.

At one point I recall a groundball going past Castillo for a single which I thought really should have been fielded but for a little effort, but I can't remember if that was Vlad's single in the 5th (between the two above plays) or in another inning.

It's possible that all those runs would have been driven home anyway (unless that Vlad single really was the missed grounder I have in mind). The defense just let the Angels runners go a bit wild, rather than giving away extra outs. But it's also possible that letting those runners take their extra bases put added pressure on Baker (as if he needed any more pressure), which resulted in the mistake pitch to Rivera.

Also, in the 7th, Castro dropped an easy pop-up. No runs resulted from the error, but I thought it was a poor illustration of the "urgency" that Terry Ryan says he wants to see from his Shortstop.

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