Friday, May 19, 2006

Jose Lima Start #3

1. Yesterday, Jose Lima started the Mets' Day game against the Cards. His Line: 4.2IP, 7H, 5R, 4ER, 1BB, 3K, L. With Scott Spezio instead of Albert "Seriously, I'm 26" Pujols. That puts Lima at 0-3 in 3 starts, with 14ER in 14.1 IP. Lima was his own enemy, with a catching error at first leading the the unearned run.

Lima, covering first base on a ground ball Delgado handled in the second inning, lost Delgado's throw in the backdrop of a white Bank of America sign. Eckstein scored from second base on what could have been the third out. Lima might have escaped allowing one, rather than two, runs in an inning earlier as well. But Beltran made an ill-conceived and conspicuously late throw to the plate on a run-scoring single by Scott Rolen that allowed Rolen to reach second base. A single two batters later by Spiezio scored Rolen.

...And Randolph characterized Lima's performance as "a pretty good job."

Lima thought his command was improved over what it had been. He thought he got blooped twice. His teammates recalled one instance -- maybe.

"One pitch here, one pitch there," he said.

He lamented the three two-out runs he allowed.

"But no excuses," he said.

Those were reasons.

Hey, the blond braids were pretty well photographed!
Lima did have a great catch/throw to get the batter at first on a grounder, kindof the right-hand-side version of what Johan did on Wednesday.
I made this at It makes me laugh, probably no one else.

2. Don't know why I haven't had much to say about the Twins. I'll be sure to watch Boof on Sunday. I wrote on SBG's site that I think we'll have to wait a couple of weeks after the stadium passes to start the vets-for-prospects swapping. I don't really want to send any of our players to New York, but both teams there have pitching needs (Mets are starting Lima, Yanquis probably wish they could). I think Kyle could be destroyed by starting for either team.

2a. I would hope that if we deal Shannon or Torii or someone else, they have a lot of success this year. I'm thinking of Roloson with the Oilers this year. Hey, the Wild weren't going anywhere and the Oilers were a decent team without a decent Goalie, and it's not like the Wild were going to keep Rollie after the year anyways. Now, if he own the Wild next year, I may not be so favorable. Back to baseball, I guess I would be a bit worried that Torii might burn some bridges on the way out.

3. Would Lima have to cut off the braids if he played for the Yanquis? I have a hard time picturing Lima with the shaven-and-clean-cut Yankees look.

4. Cat and the Longhorns start the NCAA tournament today. They play a 3-day round-robin with UT-San Antonio, Utah, and Indiana, UTSA today. I have no idea what the tiebreakers are.


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